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Make a Statement with 14ft Runner Rugs

A home without a rug is like a wall that has no painting!

Handmade rugs can help add the much-needed texture, warmth, and color to the space, making it appear more inviting, homely, and luxurious. But when it comes to choosing handmade rugs that can complement your personality and interior perfectly, things may get a little confusing.

The rug world is filled with captivating woven artifacts in various styles, such as Oushak handmade rugs, Ardibil rugs, Gabbeh handmade rugs, and you can even find high-quality Pakistani rugs online.

Apart from this, all these traditional rugs come in a whole range of different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. So, if you want to make sure that your chosen rug perfectly blends in with your existing interior décor, you have to be quite careful while taking dimensions, choosing the rug shape, color, and basically everything about your new rug.

However, there are some rug styles than can complement all kinds of décor and look great in almost every size of room, such as 14ft runner rugs.

Handmade 14ft runner rugs can be placed in a narrow hallway, over the stairs, in the kitchen, and bedroom too. They brighten up narrow spaces, making the small areas appear less claustrophobic and livelier.

Also, by adding a runner rug to your entrance, you can make your home feel more welcoming and well-decorated.  The key is to choose a 14ft runner rug online that features bright hues and bold patterns, so that it becomes the focal point of your entrance.

Additionally, you can also place your 14ft runner rug in any spot where you want to create a partition, for instance in the children’s bedroom, between two single beds. Plus, runner rugs are also ideal for protecting the flooring in high-traffic areas, or just adding a cushion to the hard floor so that your toddler doesn’t get hurt while learning to take his first steps.

The best part about all our handmade 14ft runner rugs, however, is their unmatchable durability. These traditional floor coverings are made out of fine-quality, 100% natural wool, which makes them stain-resistant.

Also, the rugs are sourced directly from the carpet manufacturing hubs in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, where skilled artisans employ age-old weaving techniques to craft these beauties over long time periods of 9-12 months, and, in some cases, even more than that.

Moreover, the wool used in the making of these 14ft runner rugs is dyed using natural pigments, hence the colors don’t bleed and the runners tend to retain their original aura for years on end!

Each knot in these handwoven beauties is tied to perfection, and that’s what makes our 14ft runner rugs an investment that you can walk on!

However, do make sure to clean your runners regularly with a vacuum cleaner, don’t place them in direct sunlight to avoid fading of the colors, and get all your handmade rugs professionally cleaned at least once each year.