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Vintage Rugs on Sale 

Rugs are like wine. They get more valuable as they age. No wonder why vintage rugs are always in high demand. Vintage rugs add character and warmth to even the most sophisticated room. Whether it’s experimental 50s, electrifying 70s or volatile 80’s, we have the rugs from all eras of the past century.


At QALEEN, you will find many vintage rugs and carpets that will add beauty and harmony to your living spaces. They are re-dyed, repurposed and retreated to make them suitable for your modern home while maintaining their old original charm.

Vintage Rugs—Unleash the Retro Vibes across Your Living Spaces

Vintage rugs are the pieces that are at least 30-40 years old.

They are revamped and treated so that they can fit the modern living spaces. Vintage rugs are treated with new dyes, patchwork, and trimming. This way, they accentuate the contemporary spaces with a fresh splash of colors, while still showcasing the original “appearance” of the rug.

Vintage rugs are fashionable, handmade and affordable. Also known as distressed rugs, they celebrate the style that is faded, worn and softened over the years. They are like something that has always been in your home.

It is said that this method was originated from Turkey where re-using and re-purposing are preferred over discarding.

Since the practice is all about repurposing, you are supporting sustainability by purchasing vintage rugs. They are recycled to preserve these antique pieces for future generations.

The sizes vary from piece to piece. The bigger the rug, the expensive it is.

How to Choose the Vintage Rug

Set Realistic Expectations:

Don’t focus on any particular image you might have seen in a magazine or on the Internet. You may end up with frustration and heartbreak if it’s not available. The vintage market is huge with unpredictable options, so be prepared to go with the flow and find something that is beautiful.

Shop from the Right Dealer:

Make sure to buy vintage rugs online or offline from a trusted rug dealer like QALEEN. The dealers should have good reviews and recommendations.

Look For Quality Materials:

Prefer the one made with quality materials like silk and handspun wool. To find out if something is silk, pull a small strand from the rug and burn it. Silk produces a hair smell and shrivels on burning.


Original Vintage Rugs:

QALEEN offers original rugs that are at least 30-40 years old. These rugs were made in eminent hubs like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and India. Maybe you find the one used by the aristocrats of Iran or the families in 1940s. Bring them to your home to experience the old world charm.

Handmade Rugs:

One of the golden rules of buying a vintage rug is that it should be handmade. Vintage rugs have preserved the touch, skills, and legacy of a weaver of those times. That's why our all vintage rugs are handmade.

Vast Collection:

At QALEEN, we possess a vast collection of vintage rugs from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and China, including Oriental, Persian, Agra, Art Deco and more to suit your interior and taste. All of our rugs are finely crafted with quality materials in every color and accessible to your budget.

Secure Shopping:

Our website is encrypted while we have safe payment gateways. Feel free and safe while shopping rugs online at QALEEN.

No Question Return Policy:

Our products are back with a no question return and refund policy. And we don’t ask you any why or how while accepting your returned products.

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