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Tree of Life Handmade Rugs

This rug is known for showcasing three elements—beauty, durability and a message of interconnectedness. A tree of life represents self-growth, enlightenment, and expansion of life from a single core source. And it will take your home décor to the next level when this message is coupled with the aesthetics.


Tree of Life Rugs—A Sense of Unity within Individuality

The meaning of The Tree of Life is varied by the cultures, philosophies, and science. In fact, it would be overwhelming to explain its significance to each entity. The Tree of Life has various themes and multiple-meaning across the cultures. However, there are some common themes that the symbol showcases.

One common meaning is that the symbol stands for the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. It stands for togetherness and reminds that one is never alone or isolated, but rather that they are connected to the world. The roots of the Tree goes deep into the earth, thereby receiving nourishment from the Mother Earth, and its branches point towards the sky, taking energy from the sun and moon. The symbol also represents family and fertility. The symbol has also found mention in Ancient civilizations like Iran, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. 

In biology, it is used as a metaphor for the idea that all life is related by common descent. Sometimes, it is used for the evolution of the earth's biosystem.

In the context of rug making, it stands for infinity, especially through Antique Persian rugs. Within this category, this wonderful depiction has been attained in various styles of carpet, including Kerman, Kashan, and Khorassan. The “Tree of Life” rug design is a celebrated motif in oriental carpets and other pieces of home décor.


Handmade Rugs:

Yeah, a machine can make "Tree of Life" rugs. But it won't be a match to the precise detailing and artistic excellence of handmade rugs. Only a skilled weaver knows how to showcase the tree design beautifully across the rug. It takes nearly 9-11 months to prepare one handmade rug, thanks to the extensive detailing in the process. At QALEEN, we only offer beautiful handmade Tree of Life rugs that are made by the weaving communities being in this profession for ages. Our rugs are made in Afghanistan, Iran, India, and Pakistan.

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