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Exquisite Handmade Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are quite commonly used by homeowners who want to make their living space look stylish and well-decorated. Plus, some people also often buy runner rugs online to place them in the high traffic areas of their homes, such as the hallway, entryways, or the stairs. This technique of placing beautifully woven wool rugs on areas that are walked upon the most helps minimize the damage caused to the flooring.

Moreover, runner rugs made in Pakistan, that feature intricate patterns and captivating designs could also be placed over plain, solid colored carpets to make your floor look out of the ordinary and worthy of attention.  

The best thing is that carpet runners are available online in an array of different styles, sizes and colors. You can get an alluring red Kazak, a magnificent beige Oushak, a beautifully patterned Mashwani rug, or a unique teal Ziegler runner rug to go with your existing décor and make your living space look more sophisticated than ever!

All in all, these long, rectangular floor cloths both help protect your flooring from wear and tear in high traffic areas, as well as allow you to create a design impact in the narrow spaces of your aesthetically well-decorated home.

The Quality of Our Runner Rugs for Sale

All our handmade rugs are made using the finest material, be it wool, silk, or a blend of both. Similarly, the handmade runner rugs at Qaleen are made of luxurious, soft wool that’s handspun by the weavers and then dyed using 100% natural pigments before it’s handwoven by experts to create a masterpiece.

Additionally, not only do the rugs have fine material, but they’re also exceptionally long-lasting owing to the fact that only the most skilled craftsmen weave these pieces of art.

Also, the age-old weaving techniques employed by the artisans further add to the durability of our runner rugs. Which means, if taken proper care of and cleaned regularly, these fine woven floor coverings can retain their original aura for years on end, and maybe even become a part of your grandchild’s home décor!

Moreover, since we source all our handmade carpets from the hubs of rich culture, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, all the pieces feature the most intoxicatingly beautiful design patterns and vibrant hues that don’t bleed at all!

And if you can’t find the ‘ideal’ runner rug in our online gallery, team Qaleen takes pride in crafting high-quality custom handmade rugs as well! Plus, we’d deliver the rug to your place without any extra shipping charges.

How to Take Care of Your Handmade Runner Carpet?

If you buy a handmade runner rug online, you’d probably go for one that’s made of wool, considering the fact that wool rugs are highly-durable and long-lasting. But even the strong wool runner rugs need regular maintenance and proper care to retain their original color and shape.

If you don’t want your handmade runner carpet to get distressed, wear out, get torn, or get faded within a few years, you would have to clean it on a regular basis. Our rug experts recommend cleaning a wool rug at least 2-3 times per week using a good-quality vacuum cleaner with soft brush bristles.

 Apart from this, you should get your handmade runner carpet deeply cleaned by professional rug cleaners at least once every year, to make sure all the deeply set dirt is cleaned, and to revive the fibers of your wool rug.

Moreover, keep the runner rug out of direct sunlight, since the harmful UV rays can cause more damage to your rug colors than you imagine, making them fade away sooner.

You should also keep your wool runner rug away from excess moisture. Additionally, be sure to clean the runner immediately in case of spills and stains. Remember, dried out old stains can become stubborn and are harder to clean.

Don’t walk on the runner rug with muddy and dirty shoes on, and clean with a wet sponge and rug shampoo in case of mud stains.

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