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Herati Handmade Rugs 

It is an age-old maxim among certain weaving communities—you don’t need expensive items if you have a beautiful Herati rug. And they were right. You can experience that as soon as you unfold the rug in any plain room. Beautiful motifs and soft fabrics make this wonderful rug a must-have for any homeowner.


Herati rugs: For Those Who Want a Serious Home Makeover

Counted among popular Persian rugs, Herati rugs are known for distinctive designs that are easily recognizable. It is the flawless and detailed designs that have kept the rug in vogue for ages. The rug acts as a source of inspiration for many Persian rugs.

Herati rugs are said to be originated in the 15th century in North-Western Afghanistan in the city of Herat. Their motifs are influenced by an old Mongolian Turkish design that is a geometric base with one flower with four leaves running across the rug. These leaves are sometimes termed as fishes due to their similarity and the repeated pattern.

Herati rugs have similar patterns found in many Persian rugs like Tabriz and Bidjar.

Understanding the Characteristics of Herati Rugs


The foundation of these rugs is made with cotton or wool. Sometimes the piles of these rugs are made of wool. This blend makes the rugs durable and sturdy.

Weaving Techniques and Knots:

Their weaving technique is identical to those of Persian rugs as they feature symmetrical knots. The knot count can be anywhere from 120 to 250 per square inch. However, the density of knots can vary from piece to piece. The rug with higher knot counts per inch ensures better quality.

Designs and Colors:

Herati rugs are known for distinguished design. It features a detailed artwork with motifs across the rugs. The central motif is a flower with curved leaves joined by the ends. These leaves look like as if the fishes are jumping out of the water, hence called fishes. They feature a variety of colors along with geometrical patterns, although the theme remains the same. Herati features vibrant and rich colors, such as blue, red, golden yellow and ivory. 


100% Handmade Rugs:

Handmade rugs are a bit expensive than machine-made rugs. But they are worth those extra bucks for several benefits. Firstly, a weaver takes a lot of time to make them. Secondly, a lot of detailing is used in these rugs. Thirdly, no two rugs will be the same due to the difference of the weavers. That's why is wise and a nice decision to put your money on handmade rugs. And Qaleen offers you high-quality handmade rugs sourced directly from the weavers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

FREE Shipping:

 Qaleen offers you an extensive collection of Herati rugs to choose from, all of which include free shipping to any address in the USA. Yeah, free, and most rugs are delivered within 4-5 days to your doorstep.


We offer you the lowest possible price on every Herati rug we sell. This is because we buy directly from the weavers without having any middleman involved, thereby saving on the middleman fee. When we save a lot, you also deserve to be part of this saving.


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Whether you’re looking for a rug to accentuate your living area or the one for the comfort of your bedroom, our wide range of Herati rugs lets you choose from the multitude of colors, piles, and tone to suit any space.