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A Splash of Traditional Magnificence Handmade Bokhara Rugs

They say each rug tells its own story, and after placing your eyes on an exquisitely handwoven Bokhara rug, you’d know that it’s absolutely true!

Filled with symbolic patterns and ancient designs, a Bokhara rug can direct attention towards itself like nothing else! They’re highly popular among rugs enthusiasts owing to the ancient ‘elephant foot’ motives that run all over the Bokhara rug’s surface in a symmetrical manner. The borders are filled with a similar geometrical pattern that completes the rug’s traditional look.

Not just this, but handmade Bokhara rugs also have an enchanting history of their own, which makes them a prized possession to own and cherish all your life, because that’s exactly how long they tend to live.

That’s because the rugs are handmade by skilled artisans who use premium quality naturally dyed wool for the purpose of making these rugs. Owing to the ancient weaving techniques employed during the process of a Bokhara rug’s making, their high knot density, and the quality of materials used, the rugs are highly-durable. And the longer they live, the more their value increases!

Handmade Bokhara rugs were initially crafted in the Bokhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan, and till today, they’ve won the hearts of numerous carpet enthusiasts through their inherently traditional aura, charming geometric patterns, and the rows of guls that run along their velvety surface.

When it comes to decorating one’s home with something that can add warmth, comfort, beauty, and magnificence, a handmade Bokhara rug, one that’s crafted by skilled weavers, can never go wrong!


Reasons to Invest in Handmade Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs for sale are highly sought-after in both the Eastern and Western Hemisphere, and there are many reasons why.

The rugs are always made using premium quality wool that is naturally dyed with vegetable dyes. This wool is often handspun and then used for crafting 100% hand-knotted Bokhara rugs. You will never find a Bokhara rug that is made of synthetic materials or is hand-tufted.

Since Bokhara rugs for sale are to be crafted by hand, these rugs take months to complete (sometimes even years). The amount of time in which a Bokhara handmade rug is completed depends upon the size of the rug and the number of skilled craftsmen working on it.  

Moreover, the classical colors in which you’d find Bokhara rugs online are easy to play with. For instance, you can use a classic red color Bokhara carpet to decorate your living room by pairing it up with off-white or any other neutral-colored sofas. Similarly, beige, gold, and rust Bokhara rugs look great wit wooden flooring and minimalistic décor.

Owing to its traditional pattern, Bokhara rugs are the best option if you’re into creating transitional décor looks. Simply add an exquisite Bokhara to your modern-themed home and flaunt your aesthetics!

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Bokhara Rugs— Born in Uzbekistan and Influenced By Various Cultures

It is said that the Bokhara handmade rugs are so fascinating that most onlookers shop them as soon as they see the carpets. After all, they are made with high-quality materials, woven with the utmost care and filled with enchanting designs patterns.

Bokhara rugs on sale are a native to the Bukhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan. It is believed that the Bokhara style was originally known as Tekke Bokhara as the rugs became so popular throughout empires. Eventually, the rug was named after the city Bukhara.

Apart from Uzbekistan, these Oriental rugs are woven in Turkey, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. It is counted among one of the most exported rugs to the west and are highly popular among homeowners in western regions, including USA, New York, Virginia, and others. Contrary to the popular belief, Persian rugs are not Bokhara rugs.

Antique and vintage Bokhara rugs are known by their symmetrical patterns of repeated oval or diamond-shaped motifs. They feature hues like Red, Green, Ivory, Grey and Rose. These rugs are made using the most high-quality materials and age-old weaving techniques. Owing to their premium quality, Pakistani Bokhara handmade rugs are extremely durable and can actually last for generations if cleaned properly on a regular basis.


Understanding the Different Types of Bokhara Rugs

Handmade Bokhara rugs are available in various styles. These different styles of Bokhara carpets are named after the tribes responsible for their creation in the first place. However, the most popular ones among all these are Tekke Bokhara rugs, those with geometrical Tekke motifs spread all over their surface.

Here are some other enchanting Bokhara rug types that you can easily find online at amazing prices:

Salor Bokhara Rugs:

Salor Bokharas rugs are believed to be originally made by the Salor tribe who lived just north of the Northern Afghan border. These rugs are beautiful and known by red shades with a symmetrical row of octagons. Every octagon generally includes a smaller octagon or diamond within its border. The interior sides of each octagon generally feature one to three flowers.

Tekke Bokhara Rugs:

Tekke Bokharas rugs have been categorized into prayer rugs and non-prayer rugs. Good thing is that it is easy to identify each one of them due to distinctive characteristics.

Royal Bokhara Rugs or Non-Prayer Rug:

Generally, these rugs feature a red primary with multiple rows of elongated renditions of octagons linked vertically and horizontally with lines along with small diamond motifs. This style is also termed as a windowpane design.

Princess Bokhara Rugs or Prayer Rug:

Princess Bokhara rugs hold cultural and religious importance. They are used while offering prayers. Muslims use them to pray in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Yomud Bokhara Rugs:

Yomud Bokharas are named after the Yomud tribe residing in Central Asia. They are known for their Caucasian features and Persian or Turkish knots. Many have diagonal rows in which a single diamond-or lozenge-shaped motif is repeated with various colors. The larger Yomud carpets are made entirely of wool or goat hair, generally in symmetrical knotting; in small pieces, for which asymmetrical knotting is used more frequently.


Decorating with Traditional Handmade Bokhara Rugs

A perfect choice for homeowners who want to bring their living space to life with a bit of traditional charm, handmade Bokhara rugs are capable of bringing any room to life!

You can easily use a Bokhara rug to create a focal point in any room and make a unique style statement. Mix it up with modern furnishings and the end result is definite to draw praises from your guests.

Here are some decor tips and tricks by experts:

  • Place a large Bokhara area rug in the very center of your living room. Avoid the décor from appearing chaotic by placing the center table on the top of your rug, as well as the rest of your furniture. In case the rug isn’t large enough, make sure to place the front two legs of your couch/chair on the rug surface and let the back legs rest on bare floor.
  • Combine a bold-colored rug, such as a classical red Bokhara with off-white or beige sofas and light-brown wooden flooring. Add in some colored and patterned cushions to bring the whole look together.
  • Use a runner Bokhara rug in long, narrow spaces, such as the kitchen, stairs, or hallways for a pop of color.
  • Place a Bokhara rug under your dining table. Make sure both the table and rug have similar shape. For instance, if you own a rectangular table, get a rectangular Bokhara rug, similarly, square rug for square-shaped table and round rug for a circular dining table. Also, remember all the chairs and table should be placed completely on top of the rug, with enough extra rug on all sides so that the chairs won’t slide off when pulled out.
  • Pick a small runner Bokhara rug to be placed alongside your bed so you can wake up with a warm fuzzy rug under your feet every morning.
  • For a vintage or antique rug look, buy the best vintage Bokhara rug online and pair it up with traditional furniture, dark brown wooden furnishings, and complete the look with some indoor plants.

Lastly, don’t forget to take proper care of your handmade rug if you want it to retain its original shape for years on end. Whether you’ve bought a Bokhara handmade rug, Baluchi rug for sale, or a handmade Kazak rug, we’d recommend you to clean it using a vacuum cleaner at least 2-3 times per week. In case of stains and spills, treat the affected area as soon as possible because dried out stains may scar your rug for life. Also, avoid placing your handmade wool rug in areas that either receive a lot of foot traffic or direct sunlight.