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Kafkazi Rugs Rugs for Sale Online

Want to bring life and color into any room?

Kafkazi rugs meet your purpose beautifully. With beautiful medallions, enchanting design, and a wonderful blending of various styles, Kafkazi rugs refresh your living spaces.


At Qaleen, we offer a large variety of Kafkazi rugs to accentuate your existing décor and help you make your space your own.


100% Handmade Rugs:

We are a proud online dealer of genuine handmade Kafkazi rugs of all types and sizes. Our rugs are made by skilled weavers belonging from the communities making rugs for ages. Our all rugs are directly sourced from the rug-making hubs like Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. 

Affordable Prices:

Shop your favorite Kafkazi rugs online by paying less. Our Fil Pa rugs are affordable and come with heavy deals and discounts.

Wide Range of Rugs to Choose From:

Our wide range of Kafkazi rugs ensures that you will find something that can go well with your interiors, whether it’s modern or traditional. Our rugs are available in all sizes.

Secure Shopping:

Our website is encrypted while we have safe payment gateways. Feel free and safe while shopping handmade rugs online at Qaleen.

No Question Return Policy:

Our products are back with a no question return and refund policy. And we don’t ask you any why or how while accepting your returned products.

Quick Customer Service:

Have any concerns related to shipping, delivery, and refund on your mind? Our effective and quick customer support is ready to help you. We take care of every aspect of your online shopping with us. Call us anytime at +1.800.994.8440 to get your queries resolved


Vacuum Regularly:

Regular vacuuming can minimize the abrasive action of soil and dirt from the pile. It should be done even when the rug doesn't look overly dirty. However, avoid powerful vacuums or powerheads as stiff bristles and strong suction can affect the pile.

Take Action on Spills and Spots Immediately:

The quick removal of stains or other marks is important to maintain the looks of your rugs. Otherwise, stains may become permanent and even a pro cleaning may be unable to remove them. Spills should be removed immediately. However, don't rub a spill. Instead, use a white cloth or white paper towel. Some stains can be removed with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Call a pro to remove stubborn stains like paint, shoe polish, and nail polish. Do not machine wash rugs.

Keep Them Away from Sunlight:

Keeping rugs in direct and continuous sunlight will cause them to fade. Therefore, avoid keeping them in direct sunlight if possible. Regularly rotate your rug if one side is exposed to sunlight continuously. Fading will occur slowly over time, and this bleaching effect will damage your rug.

Avoid Placing Heavy Furniture:

The placement of heavy furniture over the carpet is not the right thing to do. It can mark and flatten the pile in rugs, leading to permanent damage. Some heavy or sharp-edged furniture pieces, or constant moving of furniture, can affect the quality and shape of your rug.

Opt for Professional Cleaning Every Year:

Make sure to have your rugs cleaned by a professional every 6-12 months, even with your regular care. If your rug is placed in heavy traffic area and receives more beating, consider professional cleaning more often.

Invest in a Rug Pad:

Rug pads are a life savior for your beautiful Kafkazi rugs. They can minimize excessive shedding by lessening high traffic wear on the surface, improve the life of your oushak rugs, and prevent the rug from sliding and slipping as well.