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Fil Pa Rugs For Sale - Qaleen

Qaleen offers authentic Fil Pa rugs that are of an unrivaled standard. Having such a diverse range of beautiful handmade Fil Pa rugs, it's for sure that you will be able to find something that speaks to you.


Also known as Fil Poy or Filpa, Fil Pa rugs are woven by the weavers of Turkmen descent in Northern Afghanistan. Contrary to popular belief, they are not a Bokhara rug.

Fil Pa means “elephant foot” due to large guls found in the field of the rug. Some experts believe that the rug is influenced by the Tekke gul, although Fil Pa is a distinct, classic design in itself. Generally, Fil Pa rugs are made with all vegetable dyes and handspun wool.

Why Shop Fil Pa Rugs Online at Qaleen?

100% Handmade:

It takes a high level of dexterity to make a Fil Pa rug. At Qaleen, all Fil Pa rugs are made by the weavers belonging from the families being in this profession for centuries. A machine can make a rug, but it can't nurture it with legacy, skills, and uniqueness.

Great Prices:

At Qaleen, you get high-quality rugs at lower prices.

We directly source from the weavers, thereby eliminating the middleman and his fees from the process. Secondly, we get the rugs at cheaper rates due to our cordial relations with the weavers. This way, we save money and also help you save bucks when you shop Fil Pa rugs online at Qaleen.

Easy Refund and Return:

Not satisfied with the product? No problem! Just return it to us. We don't ask you any "why" or "how". The amount will be refunded as soon as you return the rug.

Free Shipping:

Get the rugs delivered at your doorstep at no shipping cost anywhere in the world.  

All Sizes Made Available:

Fil Pa rugs at Qaleen are available in all sizes, including oversize and palace size art carpets.

Outstanding Customer Support:

Want to know about more rugs? Want to know about your order status? Want to enquire about your refund? Or want to get other queries resolved related to our products? All you need to dial +1.800.424.9618 or send your email to us at [email protected]. Our quick customer support won’t disappoint you.

Here’s How to Maintain Your Fil Pa Rugs

Vacuum Cleaning:

The rug should be vacuum cleaned on both sides.

Rotate Rug More Often:

The rug should be rotated more often to reduce the wear and fading caused by sun exposure as well as heavy footfalls. Drapes or blinds can be used to protect your gabbeh rugs from direct sun exposure.

Place Your Furniture Away from Area Rugs:

Heavy furniture can crush the fibers and create dents as well. The rugs should be placed away from area rugs. Or you can use furniture coasters to prevent damage.

Use a Rug Pad:

Rug pads provide cushioning and softness to your rugs, thereby extending their life. As an added bonus, it prevents slipping.

Opt for Professional Cleaning:

Apart from daily care, your rugs need professional treatment every 12-18 months. A professional cleaning will efficiently remove dander, dust, and dirt from the rugs. If the rug is more exposed to pets or receives footfalls than usual, it requires professional cleaning more often.

Shop Fil Pa Rugs Online at Qaleen Now!

Qaleen houses the wonderful collection of Fil Pa rugs and other Afghani tribal rugs online. Our all rugs are handmade rugs and fit within your budget. So wait no more and explore our collection to find the rug of your imagination!