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Zahir Shahi Rugs—The Legacy of the Last King of Afghanistan

Zahir Shahi rugs are said to be introduced by the Afghan King Zahir Shah in 1940s. These rugs feature alternate columns of diamonds and linked hexagons with a white backdrop. Zahir Shahi rug is also known as the “pattern of the King of Afghanistan”.


The reign of King Zahir Shah (1933-1973) is known for maintaining peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. He created a new constitution for instilling the first Afghan democracy and fundamental political rights, with elections and a parliament. Zahir Shahi rugs are made across Afghanistan.


100% Handmade Rugs:

QALEEN offers handmade Zahir Shahi rugs sourced from the weavers based in Afghanistan. And it takes nearly 8-9 months to prepare these rugs due to extensive detailing and precision. Besides, no two rugs will be the same due to the difference of the weavers. No wonder why handmade rugs are always in high demand and you should purchase the one.

And QALEEN offers you high-quality handmade rugs sourced directly from the weavers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Reasonable Prices:

Shop best and save big! You will get a huge discount and deals on our all rugs. This is not a marketing gimmick. We have no middleman involved as we buy directly from the weavers, thereby saving on middleman fees. That’s why our prices are reasonable.

Free Shipping:

Get your Zahir Shahi rugs delivered to your doorstep for free. No delivery charges.

Easy Refund and Returns:

Not satisfied with the product? Don’t worry! Return it to us and we won’t ask you any “how” or “why”. The refund will be initiated to your account if you don’t want to replace it.

Secure Online Shopping:

To make shopping enjoyable and safe with us, we take care of your security with our encrypted website and safe payment gateways.

Taking Care of Your Zahir Shahi Rugs

Vacuum Cleaning:

Vacuum cleaning will remove dirt and debris from the rug, thereby improving its appearance and life as well. But avoid using a powerful vacuum cleaner as they can damage the pile or the fringes.

Place Your Furniture Away from Area Rugs:

Heavy furniture like a bed shouldn't be placed on a rug. It won't only crush the fibers, but also create dents. Or you can use furniture coasters to protect your rugs from damage.

Opt for Professional Cleaning:

No matter how ardent you are with your regular cleaning, professional cleaning is still required. Professional cleaning equipment takes dirt and debris left untouched by a domestic vacuum cleaner. They maintain the look of your carpet and life as well. Get your rugs cleaned by professionals every 12-18 months. You may require the service more often if your rug is placed in a heavy traffic area or if you have pets or airborne allergies.

Remove Stains Immediately:

Remove stains immediately as they can become permanent over time. Use a clean dry cloth as soon as spill something on the rug. Make sure to call a pro rug cleaner when the stain is too stubborn to be removed.

Keep It Away from the Sun:

A rug placed in a bright and lit room is likely to get faded due to the direct exposure of UV rays. Try to place your rugs away from windows. Besides, rotate it at least twice a year to distribute any color changes on the rug.

Be Careful with Carpet Cleaning Products:

Choose your carpet cleaning product carefully as some products contain a chemical that may damage the fabrics or stain the color. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and test it on a small patch of a rug to ensure that it is safe.