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Worsted Wool and Silk


Worsted wool is known for durability and comfort. And silk, as we all know, is the fabric of luxury. So no wonder why you like to purchase the thing that is the cross of both. Wool rugs have an ability to spruce up any kind of interiors, be it traditional or contemporary. That’s why a rug made from worsted wool and silk is enhancing the décor of many luxury settings like hotels, museums and stores.

Worsted wool is the mixture of the all rugs of every quality—from high grade, medium grade to low grade. Once the wool is combed, the finest and longer strands of wool are worsted. Silk rugs, on the other hand, is a natural protein fiber produced by the larvae of certain insects like caterpillars or moths.



What are the Benefits of Worsted Wool-Silk Fiber?


Absorbing Dusts:

The fluffy surface of wool is known for holding dust, pollen and other debris, thereby lending a little contribution for a cleaner room. However, it requires you to vacuum them often.

Fire Resistant:

Wool-silk rugs are not easily prone to fire.


Wool and silk fibers are known for their durability and elasticity. A silk fiber can be stretched up to 20% of their length without breaking. The durability of wool adds to the strength of a rug against footfalls and moving of the furniture over them.

Light Weight:

Silk blended with wool results in a light weight rug compared to a 100% wool rug.


The combination of two strongest fibers makes the rug durable and long lasting.

How to Take Care of Your Worsted Wool-Silk Rugs

Vacuum Cleaning:

Regularly vacuum your persian rugs on both sides protecting the fringes from being entangled into the machine.

Rotate Rug More Often:

Rotate your rugs to minimize the beating and fading caused by heavy traffic and sun exposure.

Use a Rug Pad:

Rug pads provide cushioning and softness to your rugs, thereby extending their life. As an added bonus, it prevents slipping.

Opt for Professional Cleaning:

Professional cleaning is necessary for all rugs, even with your regular home care. It increases the lifespan of your rug and maintains its beauty and vibrancy for longer. Get your rugs cleaned by professionals every 12-18 months.