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Handmade Oushak Rugs: An Amalgamation of Tradition and Modernity

When it comes to having one’s home decorated with remarkably charming floor pieces, a handmade Oushak rug tends never to disappoint.

With their exuberant details, alluring pattens, captivating colors, and the fine quality wool used in their making, Oushak carpets often turn out to be the most attractive decorative item in any room.

Moreover, considering the outstanding craftsmanship of those who weave these beauties, one simply knows that investing in an Oushak rug means no regrets!

These pieces of handwoven art aren’t just luxuriously beautiful, but also inexplicably durable and can stand the test of time just as well as any other fine-quality handmade wool rug. That’s because Oushak rugs that are available for sale at our online store are sourced directly from the rug manufacturing hubs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. These rugs are made using premium quality wool and it takes a long time period of multiple months to complete a single Oushak rug. Since ancient weaving techniques are employed during the rug crafting process, and each rug knot is tied to perfection by skilled weavers, these masterpieces can stay in your home long enough to be inherited by your grandchildren.

Oushak rugs also anchor a room, define it, enhance warmth, and amp up the interiors. Their pastel hues make them different from other Persian carpets, while their floral patterns give off an inherently traditional vibe.

Whether you’re a homeowner searching for the perfect piece to be placed in the very heart of your home, or an interior designer aiming to add the warmth of tradition to your new modern project, an Oushak handmade rug is just what you need!

So …

Give your living space a makeover with beautiful Oushak rugs available at QALEEN!


There are numerous ways you can utilize a handmade Oushak rug by making it a part of your interiors, such as, place the rug in the center of your entrance hall to make visitors feel welcomed as they step foot inside your home. Or, you can place an Oushak handmade rug in your living room where you and your family spend most of their time. The pastels colors and soft patterns of an Oushak rug would make you feel at peace and add a warm, calming vibe to your space. Combine the artifact with neutral toned minimalistic furniture to really make it pop and enjoy a soothing living room décor!

Identifying the Traits of Handmade Oushak Rugs

Originated in Western Turkey, Oushak or Ushak rugs mesmerize onlookers with their endearing elegance, dappled shading, and wonderful design patterns. They have been named after the place of their origin – the city of Oushak.

Unlike most Turkish rugs, the Oushak handmade rugs are influenced by Persian designs and weaving techniques. The city of Oushak has been recognized as an eminent center of rug production since the 15th century. Even to this day, high-quality Turkish rugs are crafted in Oushak by master weavers and exported to countries around the globe, including those situated in the Western Hemisphere, such as USA, and the markets of New York and Virginia.

However, before their commercialization, Handmade Oushak rugs were manufactured by the nomads for their personal and domestic use. Later on, as they became more popular, the rugs started getting crafted by professional carpet weavers who even used threads of gold and silver to make the rugs look extremely magnificent and appealing. These valuable Oushak rugs then found their way to churches, palaces, and homes of aristocrats.

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Coming back to the features of Oushak rugs …

Many historians categorized Oushak rugs as “Anatolian Rugs” that is more a “term of convenience” used for the rugs made in Asia Minor. They are believed to inspire many masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries. For example, the popular medallion and star rugs are influenced by the Oushak rugs online.

The modern Oushak rugs are an amalgamation of traditional tribal style with Ushak and Smyrna designs. This new form was originated in the late 19th century.

Here are some characteristics of Oushak rugs for sale online:

Materials and Textures:

Some of the common materials used in the making of Oushak rugs are cotton, silk, wool, and even metal threads such as gold and silver. Cotton is used to make the foundation of Oushak carpets while wool is the key material used in its pile. As a result, the Pakistani rugs have a soft, velvety feel and a smooth look with hues that won’t fade for years.

Also, since high-quality wool is used, the rugs are stain-resistant and last increasingly long – for generations if taken proper care of.

Weaving Techniques:

It takes years of experience and dexterous hands to make a handmade Oushak rug. That’s why the rug gives off a luxurious feel that can’t be matched by any machine-made rug. The most important thing to look for when buying a handmade rug is the density as well as the knot size. It is important to know how the knots are tied because if it is loosely woven then it may affect the durability of the rug.

The weaving technique used in the making of a hand-knotted Oushak is the popular Persian Ghordies knot.

When buying a new Oushak Rug or another handmade rug, take care to look at the knot strength before choosing a rug. Make sure that the knot strength is at least 100 per square inch. Some handmade Oushak rugs may be up to 3 times stronger than this! The higher a rug’s knot strength, the more durable it will be. Some Oushak rugs are still intact after more than 100 years!

Also, make sure that there are no loose strings in the rug when you buy it as this could cause it to wear down more quickly. Most Oushak rugs are made by professional weavers, so you won’t have to worry about rug durability.

Designs and Patterns:

A center medallion is the most distinctive feature of most Oushak rugs. The big medallion is often surrounded by smaller medallions, floral motifs, sprays of palmettes and vine scrolls.


Oushak handmade rugs feature intricate patterns and a unique subtle color palette. Thanks to their ivory or golden backdrop with striking floral or geometric motifs, the rugs look great even when paired with contemporary decor. However, green colors are used in the prayer rugs. Natural vegetable dyes are generally used in these rugs. Some commercial woven carpets feature delicate red undertones as their key colors.

With all the above amazing features included, once a masterpiece is created, its value may increase with the passage of time. That’s because, antique and vintage handmade rugs floorcloths tend to be highly expensive.

On our online store, you can find Oushak rugs for sale in a range of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Go for a runner rug if you want something for your entrance hallway, stairs, or kitchen.

How to decorate your home with Oushak handmade rugs?

Oushak rugs for sale are a great investment that can last long and enchant your living space like nothing else. You can use an Oushak carpet in multiple ways to decorate your living room, bedroom, entrance hallway, dining area, and other spaces in your home.

To elevate the look of your living room interiors, use a large Oushak area rug in the center. Place the artifact underneath the major furniture items, including the sofas and your center table. In case your rug isn’t large enough to incorporate the furniture, you can layer it over a larger area rug.  Or, simply make sure that at least the front legs of your sofas are on the rug even if the back legs rest on the bare living room floor.

Similarly, if you’re using the handmade Oushak rug to decorate your dining area, make sure the rug is large enough for the dining table to rest on top of it, including the dining chairs. Extra strips of rug should extend from all sides of the dining chairs, so that the chairs don’t off the rug when pulled out.

If you want to decorate narrow spaces such as the hallways, pick Oushak runner rugs and add a pop of color to all the boring areas of your home!

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