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Handmade Mashwani rugs on Sale Online 

These alluring beauties of the East, the intricately handwoven Mashwani rugs are an epitome of the rich Baluchi cultural heritage that is radiated through their dense geometric patterns and traditional designs.

Unlike other Baluchi rugs, the Mashwani carpets feature more pastel tones, including light to mid shades of blue, brown, khaki, orange, and rust. However, their designs and patterns are much similar to other handmade tribal carpets.

The weaving techniques employed in the crafting process of these rugs are also quite traditional and have been passed down through generations – the flat weave technique and the Senneh knot. As a result, these carpets tend to last longer than you’d expect, retaining their original shape and texture for a good number of years.

Handwoven since centuries in the mountainous region of central Afghanistan, the Mashwani rugs are immensely beautiful and heavenly gorgeous. These appealing art pieces could be added to enhance the entire look of any room and make the space look vibrant and full of life!

So, if you’re a fan of traditional design patterns and rich, colorful hues, bring home a premium quality handmade Mashwani rug for an additional pleasing touch to your aesthetically well-decorated living room. You certainly won’t regret investing in such an artistically appealing piece of floor decor!