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Handmade Isfahan Rugs

They say that Isfahan rug is the only piece you need to beautify your home.

Carrying beautiful artwork, enchanting details, and unmatched durability, Isfahan rugs unleash beauty and luxury as soon as you place them in your home. At Qaleen, we own a beautiful collection of Isfahan rugs online for every corner of your home. Wait no more and choose your favorite one to accentuate your living spaces.

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Isfahan Rugs—Tested By Time, Enriched By Persian Values

Isfahan rugs are made in the city of Isfahan that is located in Iran. Known for their high quality and fine art, these kazak rugs have a rich history dates back to the 16th century. Also spelled or pronounced as Esfahan, Sepahan, Esfahan or Hispahan, the city of Isfahan was on its zenith during the Safavid dynasty throughout Persia in various art forms, including rug making. The rise of Isfahan as a rug-making hub is also accredited to Shah Abbas the Great from the Safavid dynasty. It was his vision and directions that carpet manufacturing flourished in the city. The rug industry was hindered by many invasions from time to time.

In some parts of Western Europe, these rugs were known as Polish rugs or Polonaise rugs as they were used by Polish aristocrats and noblemen. Some of them were later shipped to West European buyers who believed them to be of Polish origin.

By the end of World War I, the fabric industry of Isfahan almost reached to its extinction due to the changes in the fashion world. However, some business communities continued to use the fine quality wool in fabrics and Persian rugs.

Characteristics of Isfahan Rugs


A central medallion encircled by vines or flowers is an iconic design often found in Isfahan rugs. These elements are generally red, indigo or blue with an ivory background. Other popular designs are garden and tree of life designs, Shah Abbasi motifs, vase, and pictorial pieces. Isfahan rugs are usually inspired by motifs, history, anecdotes, nature, and poetry. 

Knot Density:

The knots are usually asymmetrical and done in a density of 1,000 knots per inch.


Many tribal rugs are based on silk foundation often with soft kork wool, making them look fine and valuable.

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100% Handmade Isfahan Rugs:

We offer 100% handmade rugs that carry the traits of their antique versions. And it requires skilled hands to make such rugs. These 12ft runners rugs go through the lengthy process and detailed coloring. No wonder why each rug on our collection is different and reflects the legacy and skills of the artist. Just buy them to see why they are different from their machine-made counterparts.

Flawless Craftsmanship:

Our Isfahan carpets are weaved with high-quality fabric. Each rug is tightly woven or knotted by the hands to ensure durability. They can receive heavy beatings caused by footfalls, toddlers' sprint, and pets. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean.

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