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Belgium Wool



Like any other wool, Belgium wool comes with obvious benefits like comfort, indoor air quality, warmth, and luxury. Rugs made from Belgium wool has an eminent role to play in interiors. It makes a statement as it adds to the ambiance, color, and warmth of a room. It accentuates the wooden, stone, laminate or concrete floor and enhances the acoustics wonderfully. 


Belgium wool is generally obtained from Texel and Ile de France sheep as well as sheep from other areas like Provinces of Liège, Luxembourg, Namur, and Hainaut. This wool has been specially selected to create comfortable, top-of-the-range bedding. 


How to Take Care of Belgium Wool Rug


Rugs made from Belgium wool enhance your interiors with comfort and luxurious vibes. However, they often require a high level of maintenance so that they can maintain their appearance for years. 


Rotate Them More Often:


Make sure to rotate the rugs once or twice a year. If they are placed in a crowded area, they should be rotated every month or two. 


Protect them from Sunlight:


Sunlight may harm the dye of the rug. Therefore, they should be placed away from sun exposure. 


Treat them with a Vacuum Cleaner:


Wool is a magnet for dust, dirt and pet hairs. They should be vacuumed more often to avoid them becoming filled with dust. 




Place soft padding beneath your rugs to prevent the wrinkling of your rug, and also aid in maintaining its shape and provides a very comfortable place for you to sit and do your work.


Opt for a Professional Cleaning:

No matter how ardent you are with your rug cleaning, professional rug cleaning is still needed. Professional machines can remove the dirt from the areas that are out of the reach of your normal vacuum cleaner. Make sure to get them cleaned by professionals once a year.