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Agra Rugs Handmade rugs on sale online

Agra rugs are a native to the city that is home to the Taj Mahal. And they are as mesmerizing as the beautiful monument of love. Wonderful designs, durability and an ability to spruce up any kind of interiors, Agra rugs have all positives to look for in a rug.


AGRA RUGS—No Second Thought for This Classy Mughal Art!

Agra, a northern city in India, is known for the Taj Mahal.

However, the city is more than that. Being the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1526 to 1658, Agra is also known for its rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing handicrafts. And beautiful rugs just testify this statement.

Agra rugs are known for enchanting designs and durability, ranking among the finest types of oriental rugs.

The weaving in Agra dates back to the Mughal Era in the 16th century. It was said the art was patronized by several Mughal emperors with Akbar being eminent among them.

Some of their traits have been inspired by Persian and Oriental carpets. This was because the Mughal emperors were influenced by Persian art and culture, especially Persian rugs. According to the records from Akbar's reign, Persian craftsmen were invited to India to establish the rug-making industry.

As a result, Mogul carpets  were a beautiful confluence of creativity and detailing which is the trademark of Agra rugs. Despite being influenced by its Persian counterparts, Agra rugs have their own realm within the rug market.

The weavers of Agra were known for their expertise in vegetable dying and unique palette of color. Soft mid-tone blues and a combination of gold are a common trait in Agra rugs. They also feature subtle rust-reds to pinks and a unique and appealing lavender tone, making their appearance light and ethereal.

Agra rugs are a confluence of the grandeur and elegance of well-known Persian court antique carpet designs with new motifs. One of the most popular Agra carpet design consists of rows and flowers in vases. Today, they are one of the sought after rugs. The most common size is 9x12.


100% Handmade Rugs:

There is no use of buying an Agra rug made by a machine. This is because you won’t get that elegance and fascination found in handmade rugs. We directly source Agra rugs from the weavers living in Agra. These weavers are from the communities that have been in the rug-making profession for centuries. This way, our rugs are handmade and equipped with all the traits of a royal carpet.

Reasonable Prices:

Unleash the royal charm with Agra rugs that fit your budget. The prices are reasonable while you can enjoy a heavy discount on them. Our prices are lower because we buy directly from the weavers, thereby saving on middleman fees. And we believe that our customers should be part of that saving.

Secure Shopping:

Our website is encrypted while we have safe payment gateways. Feel free and safe while shopping rugs online at Qaleen.

No Question Return Policy:

Our products are back with a no question return and refund policy. And we don’t ask you any why or how while accepting your returned products.

Quick Customer Service:

We understand that buying an Agra rug online is a new experience. You may have many concerns related to shipping, delivery, and refund on your mind. That's why we have effective and quick customer support in place. We take care of every aspect of your online shopping with us. Call us anytime at +1.800.994.8440 to get your queries resolved.