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Fine Quality Shirvan Rugs on Sale

Your next rug should be from the communities who have been doing for ages and the best. And Shirvan rugs just fit this context. Enriched from lavish and colorful designs with fine fabrics, they bring flair in your home.

When it comes to choosing a rug that can complement your modern décor, yet add a traditional touch to the entire look, a Caucasian rug can never go wrong. And in terms of Caucasian antique rugs, the best ones and most widely loved are the exquisitely handwoven Shirvan rugs.

What never goes unnoticed about these alluring floor décor pieces is the complexity of their style, the depth of colors, their intricate composition, and phenomenal patterns. Moreover, the weaving techniques employed in the making of Shirvan rugs, even in today’s modern machine-run world, are the ones employed by master carpet weavers centuries ago in Shirvan region of Azerbaijan.

These rugs tend not only to be highly attractive, but are also considered to be one of the most priced collectable antique oriental rugs. A lot of symbolic images are hidden in their geometric Medallion designs and nothing matches their striking symmetry as well as the balance in their design patterns.

Apart from this, the strong colors and subtle details of handmade Shirvan rugs create and out of the ordinary combination that can spice up the look of any living space.

So, get your hands on one of these remarkably beautiful masterpieces and transform the look of your personal space in a way that’s utterly unique and extraordinarily marvelous.


Browse through our collection of beautiful Shirvan rugs to find the one that can accentuate your interiors.

Shirvan Rugs—Something Your Home Décor can Never Go Wrong With!

Shirvan rugs are made in the Shirvan region of Azerbaijan in the southeastern Caucasus. They are generally small in size. 

Antique Shirvan rugs are some of the prized antique oriental rugs, featuring the striking balance and symmetry with the use of simple geometric ornamentation. Besides, they are known for soft details, strong colors and remarkable symbols. Many of them date back to the 20th century.

The beginning of the Trans-Caucasian railway brought the area to the notice of European merchants who were looking to ship the rugs to the west.

Understanding the Traits of Shirvan Rugs


The foundation cords or warps are flat or slightly depressed and generally consist of many strands of uncolored wool of different shades. The foundation will be cotton or a blend of wool and cotton. The wefts include 2 or more cords of natural or colored wool/cotton.


Shirvan rug features Turkish or symmetrical knots.


The sides can be equipped with multiple cords in wool or cotton. The Kazak rug has varied ends with a looped fringe at one end and knotted at the other end. The ends are also used as multiple rows of knotted fringe.


The common colors are reds, bright blues, and browns with the hints of golden yellow and ivory.


Shirvan rugs generally feature geometric and include one or more symbol filled octagon or cross medallions which are precisely detailed. Other popular motifs are stars, crosses, small animal, crabs or lozenges. Floral patterns or latticework is also utilized.


100% Handmade Rugs:

A handmade Shirvan rug tells a unique story of the weavers who made it, the culture of the place and the level of its workmanship. Machine-made rugs don't possess any of these indicators. Our handmade rugs are produced by a weaver belonging from a long line of the community passing the skill down through generation. At QALEEN, we provide you high-quality handmade pakistani rugs to fulfill your home and furnishing requirements.

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All of our rug prices are reasonable. Plus, you can enjoy a huge discount and deals on them. This is because we buy directly from the weavers without having any middleman involved, thereby saving a middleman fee. This way, it is easier for us to sell the rugs at reasonable prices.

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At QALEEN, you can find a wide range of Gabbeh rugs in various styles, sizes, prices and colors for your home décor needs.

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