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Shop Bidjar rugs and you will feel that you couldn’t ask for more. After all, the rug has everything that makes it valuable for your home décor- from beauty, appeal to durability.


Counted among the world’s largest selling rugs, Bidjar is woven using high-quality wool, and the knots are beaten down with a heavy metal comb to give dirt-resistant and strong pile. 


Bidjar, also spelled as Bijar, is a type of Persian rugs and made in the town of Bijar located in Kurdistan, North-Western Iran.

It is a handwoven oriental rug, made by Kurdish weavers in Bijar. These rugs are known for their wonderful use of color, durability and eminent designs.

Bijar rugs are known as the “Iron Rugs of Iran” due to their extreme durability and thickness. They are heavier than other tribal rugs of the same size and feature detailed designs in attractive colors.

Bidjar rugs were first documented in the 1500s when the region was merged with Armenia by Safavid forces. However, archeological excavations across the city have established that the weaving techniques and technology date back to nearly 10,000 throughout Kurdistan.

Understanding the Traits of Bidjar Rugs


Bijar rugs are made with a Turkish knot or Gordies knot with single or multiple wefts introduced between each row of knots. The weft is inserted once the knots are tied. kazak rugs are often dampened with water before the usage of a weft. After the insertion of wefts, a heavy comb made of metal or wood is used to beat the weft and the knots.


The well-known designs in Bidjar rugs are the Tree of Life, the Cypres Willow Design, the Shah Abbas design, and the Medallion design. Flower and vinery motifs are a common trademark found in village pieces and larger city rugs alike. Two rare and most sought after designs are Guli Farang and Garrus.


A Bidjar rug features a varied color palette, from subtle to emerald greens, a complete range of blues and yellows to fiery rich red and deep terra cotta.


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